Dr. Brian T. Lumb

Dr. Brian T. Lumb is committed to his life’s passion and purpose of assisting people to BE who they truly are and bring their unique gifts to the world. He has experience working with thousands of people for over two decades his clients transform their trauma and stress into ease, vitality, and fulfillment.

Brian began his ‘non-ordinary’ education at a young age. He was taught Reiki from Takata who brought Reiki to the U.S., traveled to Japan to receive private cello lessons from Dr. Suzuki, the developer of the Suzuki method, and learned Transcendental Meditation all prior to deciding to become a chiropractor at the age of nine. These early experiences positioned him to be a leader in the field of wellness and conscious living.

Dr. Brian served on the international staff of the Transformational Gate programs with Dr. Donny Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) from 2004-2017 and was on the teaching staff of Wise World Seminars training chiropractors and chiropractic students from 2008 to 2017. He has also served on the faculty at Sherman Chiropractic College in SC where he taught NSA for 5 years.

He works with high profile clients including Tony Robbins, providing care for Tony at his live events all over the globe. His most current creation — Genius Generation — assists entrepreneurs, business owners and top performers to access their Genius and live as aligned, authentic, and energized leaders.

Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues

Dr. Chelsea Rae grew up learning the language of Nature on a farm near Jefferson City, Missouri where she was a hunter, water-skier, and tree-climber extraordinaire. She was born with a deep love for Earth’s flora, fauna, humanity, and the harmonious thriving of ALL.

Always insisting on living her fullest life, she took leadership positions to uplift her community involving a full social calendar, hard work, and living a life congruent to her ideals. She taught group fitness classes, waited tables, practiced mediation, yoga, clean eating, and body work throughout her bachelors and doctorate programs, only to find herself with chronic back pain, fatigue, a thyroid autoimmune disease, painful cystic acne, and even cancer in her early 20s.

After it seemed she had tried everything, Network Care synchronistically entered her life—a breath of ease and flow where it was previously strained. Her symptoms eased and transformed into an energized life that fueled her.

Network Care continues to empower her to help others heal in an authentic, powerful and life-changing way. Her tenacious passion to serve others has since lead her to Dallas, Mexico, Denver, Puerto Rico, Missouri, and she has planted roots in Asheville at Nourish & Flourish to bring this life-giving care to others who are ready for the life they know is possible—the life they deserve.

Nature has taught Dr. Chelsea Rae that we innately have access to everything we need to express vitality, wholeness, and a life that feels worth living. She is devoted to her tribe living in alignment with this truth because that is the medicine for our world.


Hailey is a passionate multidisciplinary creator, with main focuses on poetry and music. She greatly values spending time in nature, and honoring the health of the environment through daily life choices. Hailey appreciates the supportive energy that Nourish & Flourish offers to the community for personal transformation and how welcoming the space is to embody vulnerability. She provides groundedness and logistical genius for the practice
as the Wellness Coordinator.

Destiny is Calling…

…Meet your Genius

The story of Genius Frequency, your body, the Universe, and how it all comes together

Uniting indigenous and modern wisdom, the methodology co-created by Dr. Brian Thomas Lumb and Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues is a key to fulfillment AND success your way.

People are thriving with this embodiment technology at their private practice in Asheville, NC, seasonal immersions, and high-level mentorship program, Genius Generation.

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