“Mindspeak” podcast with Holly Higgins.

Episode 43: Upgrade Your Human Operating System with Dr. Brian T. Lumb and Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues

“Here to Heal Podcast” with Elizabeth Gillette.

“Tapping into the Full Range of Human Experience” with Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues

“Awaken Your Inner Superstar” podcast with Michelle Villalobos.

EPISODE 30: “Cultivate the Seeds Within Yourself” with Brian T. Lumb

(One of the Top 5 downloaded episodes of 2018).

“Yes You Can” with Ann-Lee Waite.

“Pain into Power” with Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues

In the news

50+ Living:
Nourish & Flourish: Supporting Wellness Through Network Care by Colleen Watson

Bon Appetit mentions Nourish & Flourish in their March 2015 Issue: Hangovers: We Found the Cure!

Mountain Xpress article featuring Dr. Brian T. Lumb and Nourish & Flourish. “Three Asheville chiropractors focus on what’s right with the body.” by Cathy Holt

Destiny is Calling…

…Meet your Genius

The story of your Genius, your body, the universe, and how it all comes together.

Uniting indigenous and modern wisdom, the methodology co-created by Dr. Brian Thomas Lumb and Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues is the secret behind the fulfillment and success of leaders internationally.

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