There is a quiet REVOLUTION going on right now.  Not the ones in Libya or Egypt, although they are connected to this revolution in some regard.  There are many locations that could be mistaken for the revolution for which I speak. This revolution is not bound by geography.  In fact, what most revolutions have in common is a dispute over boundaries – geographical, philosophical, religious, political.  One concept over another.  This team over that one ad nauseam, ad infinitum.  This revolution defies space and it’s time is now.  You may be part of this quiet REVOLUTION and not even know it.  This ‘quiet REVOLUTION’ is much different than revolutions of the past.  It is not about separation or polarization, but of inclusion and cooperation.  Therefore – you may be included as a member and not know it.  Sound compelling?  Read on.

To be a member of this quiet REVOLUTION you will have participated in a few of the following practices:  You may have… sought out organic foods; chosen to purchase local over Wal-Mart; decided to take a walk in nature over watching TV; planted a garden and eaten the fruits and veggies of your labor; planted a garden or plant just because it adds beauty to the world; given a gift to someone you don’t know; been compassionate to yourself; seen the good in others when in the past you may not; felt really fantastic and grateful for your body and for being IN your body; felt Joy for no apparent reason; felt a shift on the planet, humanity, or both; created art just for the purpose of creation itself; slowed down even if it felt against the grain of everyone around you; gazed at the night’s sky in wonder; felt connected to…well…everyone and everything.

There are certainly more initiation rites than the ones listed above.  It is merely a rudimentary primer, a sense of the revolution.  What makes this revolution so remarkable is that there is no centralized leader or leaders.  In fact, membership is for leaders only.  That’s right, if you are a member of this revolution you have agreed to be a leader.  This is one of the few primary requirements.  For better or for worse in our current media proposed world, leadership has become a dirty word.  So many who have taken positions of leadership, whether in politics, religion, schools, corporations, sports, and the list goes on, have proven to be less than what the world needs.  Corruption, subterfuge, and incompetence have been the main ingredients of publicized leadership today.  The word ‘publicized’ being key to the last statement.  Remember…the quiet whispers of a REVOLUTION are upon us.  The leaders of tomorrow are here today.  You just don’t read about them in the newspaper or see them on the news.  And who do they lead?  Themselves.  And by their actions, others are inspired to lead themselves as well.  These leaders attract each other and one of their strengths of leadership is knowing that they are not here to solve the world’s problems alone, but instead to collaborate with each other to focus on the creation of a new.  New what?  New whatever needs to replace the old which no longer serves, is no longer relevant, no longer works.

When I use the word “revolution”, I mean it not in the – mutiny, uprising, rebellion way, I mean it in the – metamorphosis, transformation, reorganization way.  Thus the “quiet” REVOLUTION.  I believe the revolution underway is a ‘waking-up’ to the undeniable reality that we are all connected.  You cannot make a change in one person, one anything and not have it affect humanity and our planet and beyond for that matter.  A bold statement I know, and more importantly an incredible responsibility to those willing to play the game at this new level.  By the way, this is also part of the quiet REVOLUTION – the realization that it is a game.  A new game very much worth playing.  Not the kind with winners and losers.  Although if one continues to play the predominant game of the past millennium, one will find a playing field more than ever polarized into a playing field with very few ‘winners’ and a large number of disgruntled, angry, frustrated ‘losers’ (better watch your back ‘winners’ of THAT old, tired, game).

How do YOU join the quiet REVOLUTION?  It is quite simple.

Take action.  Create.  Make conscious choices.  Deliver as promised. Acknowledge and deliver.  Make connections with people, not for commerce sake, but for connection sake.  You create cooperation.  You speak up.  You live your abundant nature and use only what you need.  You give freely and receive freely.  You practice grace.  You share your gratitude with others.  You commit to being IN your body.  You know what distracts you from YOU and do your best to stay present.  You acknowledge that you are a Leader and simply lead by example.  You tell your own story with your emergence.  The Hero of your life looks for the good in others and tells them.  Focus your energy on creating solutions, not wasting energy recycling problems.  EnJOY life.  Smile and laugh for no reason whatsoever.  Your presence lets our children know they are safe to grow.  Commit to a practice that lets ALL parts of you know that YOU are safe to grow.  He/She who follows the Boy Scout creed leaves whatever you touch better than you found it – people, places, and things.

Dear reader, consider yourself invited to the quiet REVOLUTION.  Welcome.  Participate.  We at Nourish & Flourish are excited to gather our tribe and welcome you to join us, who seek out other members, to take your creations to the next level. Saddle up to our Organic Juice and Tea bar and start a conversation anew.  What might emerge from informal conversation fuels curiosity ~ the desire to connect.  Find out about how you can maximize your life here in Asheville through Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis).  Attend one of our introductory talks.  Sing with us on Tuesday night Kirtan with Sangita Devi.  Keep an eye on our calendar as we flourish.  We are excited to meet more fellow participants.  In the quiet Revolution, we are in for a most magnificent ride.

Can you hear it calling?  We look forward to seeing you soon…