Dear friends, fans, and family of Nourish & Flourish —

We are excited to be sending you some thoughts based on questions we often receive and ideas that we think will be of value to you.  We have wanted to do this for a long time, and believe these words put to use will go far for many people. We hope it to provide insight, confirmation, and perhaps an easy way for you to pass on what you receive from us to someone who doesn’t know about Nourish Flourish yet. In the near future, you will find it housed on our website.  Please enjoy and stay tuned for more to come…

What if we told you:

“You have more energy than you even know what to do with?”

The truth is, you have access to SO much energy and your body doesn’t always know how to access and utilize it efficiently. This energy resides deep within the body tissues of our spinal cord, muscles, organs, ligaments, tendons, joints and fascia as protection.  You may have already heard of fight or flight? This is that. You might feel it as the places where you have chronically tight muscles (heads up: chronic means if you feel it for more than a few days – or – have repeating cyclical patterns that don’t seem to change), physiological symptoms, and feeling like there’s not enough energy/time/ do what is most important.What IS most important, anyway? This question is as big as your biggest dreams and as small as your everyday habits, thoughts, and choices.  You know, like taking care of yourself: eating what is best for you, giving yourself space, time, movement and other forms of self-care  How about saying “no” to what you aren’t aligned with and “YEESSS” to what you Desire, ‘like doing the things’ and changing the world in the ways that you know you are capable?The thing about aligning with and choosing what is important is that it takes a lot of energy and sustainable access to that energy. Our culture highly values action and productivity–no problems with that here, we love to GSD (Get Shit Done!) at Nourish & Flourish.  After working with countless human beings to become more whole and as a result shifting their life into a more soulful, joyful, abundant reality.
…we know some secrets.  

Many brilliant, gifted people who are meant to do BIG things in this world are more focused on action & change than what truly creates growth and progress. The result? They inadvertently spin their wheels and end up in the seemingly same stuck place a day, month, year, lifetime later. In the coaching world, these are called “blocks” or blind spots.  When it comes to your body, these ‘blocks’ show up as physical problems or pain.Remember the packaged protection energy described earlier? It can become unlocked when you become more safe, energized, and aware of your body, mind, and spirit. Often people will describe this as a release or “emotional release”.  And it is connected to a release of physical tension and stored energy as in the body. You can’t have one without the other.

Emotion and feeling ARE the fuel for action.  It is the catalyst for the aligned-with-soul goals that have been ON YOUR LIST for ages.  And for the healing that hasn’t happened…yet.

When we allow our emotions to FLOW we are tapping into the primal creative energy that resides and lives within and around us.  

This is one thing that EVERYONE has in common. It is the key to the healing, clarity, action, growth, progress, and manifestation described above.  And it’s so simple.

We’re writing to tell you something that most won’t — your emotions, feelings, and intuition are a precious, important, divine gift.

When we are tapped in and connected with our emotions, we are clear and on track with the Universe, doing what is right for us AND our community.  We have access to all the energy that it takes to make the necessary moves in life.Bonus–emotions not only create transformation for our life on the outside, but also on the INSIDE, too.  Our emotions animate the digestive, immune, and muscular system.  Hence, the reason why stress is linked as the cause of most dis-ease and disease.

Stress is the code word for fear; it prevents our bodies from healing, resting, and digesting.  This is fairly well known among both ancient and current health, wellness and scientific communities. What isn’t so well known is how to LIBERATE this stress, aka the packaged protected energy in your body just waiting for you to connect with and USE for your healing, growth, and metamorphosis of YOU.

Brag Alert: We are experts in helping people gracefully, easily, and progressively connect with and harness this life giving, creative energy in a sustainable way.

Emotion is what everyone has in common–the capacity to access and utilize it efficiently is how we differ.   For those of you who want tangible and practical tools here, emotions express through movement, sound, facial expression, feeling, and breath. 

Think of a time of BIG change in your life. How aware are you that emotions were the primary driver of that change?  What emotions did you access to make that change?  Was it fear, frustration, anger, desire, joy, curiosity, purpose, other(s)?

This is our whole point:  Our emotions clue us in to what is important.  If we skip them and focus only on action, we miss crucial guidance and fuel to get us to what we want and desire in life. The more easy access you have to feeling and expressing emotion, the more effortless your life becomes.  Life becomes a continuous stream of transformation and metamorphosis.  Read: An effortless, soul-aligned life. 


BIG love and appreciation,

Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues, Dr. Brian T. Lumb, and the Nourish & Flourish Crew