It’s so RAD! (pt. 1)

I was about to start this post with the phrase, “When we first arrived in Asheville…”  Then I realized I have begun at least one other post with that phrase.  But isn’t that the truth about getting to know a new area?  We arrive with all these ideas about how things are, and then we gradually become familiar in the way that only time spent sinking into a place can provide.  Looking back, it makes sense that it took so much time for us to find the space for Nourish & Flourish, but while it was unfolding, it seemed agonizingly slooooooooow.

When we first arrived in Asheville, we focused on finding a space in the downtown area.  There is one building that we dreamed about often.  A beautiful, old two-story brick building.  The downstairs would have been big enough for the business, and we loved the idea of living upstairs in an open, loft-like apartment.  It was a beautiful dream, but the renovations required for that building are just too much for us to tackle at this stage in our game.

So we kept looking at all the available spaces downtown that had even a remote possibility of suiting our needs.  We did find one that seemed extremely promising.  Good size.  Good location.  Great neighbor (Hi, Lululemon!).  But for reasons that, at the time, were completely confounding, it just was not meant to be.  The search continued.

And then one evening over dinner with friends, we were challenged about our idea that we had to be located in a downtown storefront.  We began to envision a new kind of space.  In a different kind of neighborhood.  A little funkier, grittier neighborhood that is experiencing a wave of new energy and revitalization.  Perhaps an upstairs space with a more private and intimate feeling.  Yes!  This was all feeling really right.  And looking back, it makes so much sense that the very next day, things began to fall into place.

to be continued…