There is a quiet REVOLUTION going on right now.  Not the ones in Libya or Egypt, although they are connected to this revolution in some regard.  There are many locations that could be mistaken for the revolution for which I speak. This revolution is not bound by geography.  In fact, what most revolutions have in common is a dispute over boundaries – geographical, philosophical, religious, political.  One concept over another.  This team over that one ad nauseam, ad infinitum.  This ...Read more


"Brian is gifted; but his real gift is in helping you to realize your OWN gifts.  His description of ease into transformation into awakening is a map to having more of your own life than you can ever imagine when you first walk in the door."

Susan B. – Norwalk, CT
Flight of the Hummingbird and Opening of Nourish & Flourish

There is that point in every epic story of victory where the hero or heroine is at their wit’s end.  The place where it seems as though they might pack it up and turn around.  Where the odds seem stacked against all possibility.  As the viewer or listener, these stories recall for us our own experiences of victories and defeats great and small.  Much of the time, it’s somewhere in between.  We are drawn to these stories time and time again, listening with new ears, seeing with new eyes the various plots and characters playing out essentially the same story.  A story that resonates deep within us.  Ideally it gives us permission, encouragement, and license to act courageously in the very stories that make up our own epic tales no matter how mundane or profane that weave the very fabric of our own life.

With this, I present to you another epic tale, this one of a creature who packs a massive amount of courage into a body whose weight is no more than that of a penny and its size only 2 inches long – the hummingbird.  The hummingbird embarks upon an amazing journey twice a year from north to south and then, six months later, back again.  While there are over 200 different species of hummingbirds, each with its own migration pattern, the overall journey begins north, as far as New Brunswick and Alaska for some, and heads south as far as the jungles of South America.  Come September, the little bird will make its way down south, stopping to feed and rest at night.  The bird will take several months for its journey, traveling about 20 miles per day and fattening up to almost twice its normal weight for a grand flight – a heroic non-stop 540 mile crossing of the Gulf of Mexico to the north shore of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  Upon landing this little penny weight traveler will have decreased from 6 grams to 2.5 grams from its 20 hour voyage.

Jenny and I are solidly above our own version of the Gulf of Mexico with the launching of Nourish & Flourish.  We are so excited to report that from our vantage point we can see the edge of land.  We are delighted to announce our Grand Opening this Sunday, November 28th, 2010 from 11 am to 4 pm.  We have had many a flower along the way to nourish us in preparation for our long journey and feel extremely grateful to all who have participated in the creation of our dream.

Join us to celebrate this momentous occasion as we embark upon a new journey equal to that of the hummingbird.  A journey of adventure, growth, and community.  The journey into one’s Self and beyond.  We have created an urban oasis as vibrant as the landscapes that the hummingbird will risk life and limb (or wing in this case) to immerse itself in.  We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.  And please invite your friends and family to join us as well.  It’s going to be a party!