Flight of the Hummingbird and Opening of Nourish & Flourish

There is that point in every epic story of victory where the hero or heroine is at their wit’s end.  The place where it seems as though they might pack it up and turn around.  Where the odds seem stacked against all possibility.  As the viewer or listener, these stories recall for us our own experiences of victories and defeats great and small.  Much of the time, it's somewhere in between.  We are drawn to these ...Read more


"I find Network Care to be infinitely valuable as a tool to help me locate and dissipate areas of tension in my body. As I move into these areas, and invite breath, I open to greater levels of awareness, not only in my body, but also my mind and spirit.  As a result, I am evolving exponentially.  Thank you."

Dana P. – Seattle, WA
It’s so RAD (pt.3)

It makes sense to me that the unexpectedly slow pace of finding the space for Nourish & Flourish would transform into an equally unexpected warp speed of building out the space to fit our vision.  Yes, it makes sense, but it’s not necessarily comfortable.  The transition from dreaming and talking in theory about what we desire into making the daily decisions that shape the look and feel of the space felt like going from a friendly game of cards at home to a high stakes poker table in Vegas.  It’s essentially the same thing, but wow — does it ever feel different.

Thankfully, it’s a game we love playing.  As much care and attention and dedication we give to the delivery of our passion through Nia and Network Care we also give to the environment in which we practice.  It reminds me of a tiny, little island off the coast of Sicily to which we have traveled a few times for amazing healing retreats with Dr. Donny Epstein, the developer of Network Care.  Formica means “ant” in Italian, and for centuries, this little island was an uninhabited hunk of rock upon which nothing could grow.  Then an inspirational and controversial Father of the Franciscan Order named Padre Eligio transformed Formica into a Mondo X community.

Mondo X is a program that assists young Italians who have lost their way in the world to find themselves through the value of service and learning a skilled trade.  The communities are often built from the ruins of an old villa or monastery.  The care and attention given to the construction of the community is palpable in every detail from the beautiful pattern of the stone walkways to the luxurious comfort of the simple guest rooms.  Each community produces something that supports the whole, as some communities farm and send produce to the others, one makes a prize winning olive oil, and on Formica, they grow capers and catch fish in the surrounding waters.

I am telling the story of Formica because it is with that same sense of sacred purpose with which a rocky island was transformed into a vibrant retreat that we are creating Nourish & Flourish from a former nightclub.  Every decision and choice that we make regarding the look and feel of the space is aligned with our vision to create a retreat from the pressures of every day life and a resource for extraordinary living.  We are so excited about sharing it with you.  If you have not already, stop by our home page and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about our upcoming Grand Opening events.

In the meantime, you can watch me ham it up this video of an impromptu tour mid-construction.  Enjoy, and we’ll see you soon!

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Cicily Moore (and Ayres)
November 3rd, 2010 on 4:05 am

So Glad to see you today Brian!!
I’m truly touched that someone took all of my blabbering seriously!
I have always loved the River Arts District and feel, as you obviously do too, that the energy in this neighborhood is powerful and community-driven.
Still to this day I get inspiration just from driving through it!

Best of luck to you both in the design and followthrough! Let’s get together soon!
Cicily and Ayres

November 7th, 2010 on 11:56 pm

Love sharing the build out process with you two!! What FUN! I’m so looking forward to seeing the next installment. Your vision has continuous positive vibes flowing from Cincinnati!! xoxo