Get your Nia on!

It's pretty common these days to see or hear some variation on the idea that 'life is about the journey and not the destination.'  And I agree.  I like to think that my feminine nature is totally on board with going with the flow, appreciating the present moment, stopping to smell the roses.  Yet this morning, as I sit and sip my Earl Grey and count off in my mind the number of threads that are ...Read more


"Dr. Brian was my first introduction to Network Care. He made me feel welcomed and at ease and after the first session I realized he was a caring, loving man.  Dr. Brian is not just a Doctor, he is a Healer!"

Sheila E. – Dover, NH
It’s so RAD! (pt. 2)

At the end of last week’s blog post, we had dinner with friends and a lively conversation that shifted our focus in the search for the home of Nourish & Flourish from downtown Asheville to…  the River Arts District!  The very next day we drove down Clingman Avenue and up Depot Street with new eyes to the possibilities.  We were aware of new energy coming into this neighborhood since we met our realtor here three months ago when he showed us space in the new Glen Rock Depot project, aspiring to be one of the first LEED-certified mixed use building in Asheville.  None of the retail floor plans were a great fit for us, but we made a connection with the realtor and continued to work with him in our search.

When we drove down to the River Arts District to take another look, we found our realtor on the sidewalk talking to another guy and standing under a sign on the side of a building undergoing renovations that read, “FOR RENT  Entire 2nd Floor  2,500 Sq. Ft.”  Bingo!  The other guy happened to be the owner of the building, and we were treated to a showing right then and there.  What we saw almost took our breath away.  Big, bright windows on both ends.  Funky, cool brick walls painted bright white.  An expansive, high ceiling in the front that slopes to a more intimate height in the back.  And space.  Lots of gorgeous, open space.  A blank slate upon which to paint our vision.  It truly was love at first sight.  Not a great strategy for negotiating a lease, but a classic example of the all in way we embrace life.

And maybe even more than what we saw in the space, what we felt we knew to be a perfect fit.  The quality of the renovation (Thanks, Elm Construction!) by the new owners.  Their obvious love and care for the building.  At the same time, the sense of history and depth that an old building holds in its structure.  The transition from the street level up a flight of stairs as an invitation to leave behind everyday life and step into new possibilities.

As often happens with significant life events, the slooooow pace of the search has shifted into the race track pace of a hundred daily decisions in manifesting our vision.  Stay tuned for Pt. 3 in which a former nightclub VIP lounge  becomes Asheville’s resource for Extraordinary Living.

In the meantime, enjoy this video tour of the open space: