It’s the Little Things

Have you ever had one of those moments where someone says something that fundamentally shifts the way you were thinking?  Recently my wife Jenny reminded me of a truth.  I was telling her that I was sad not to be giving her the lavish presents this Valentine’s Day that I feel she deserves.  Without a beat, she reminded me of a few little things I had given her in the recent past and how much those had meant to her.  ...Read more


"Network is f--king great, I love it.  I usually just want to never get up off the table.  I'm going to keep doing it forever. Thank you."

Aaron B. – Seattle, WA
Investing in Your Trust Fund

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.”

- Tony Robbins

For me and Jenny, the past two years has been a test of the ‘theory’ that Tony Robbins poses regarding one’s quality of life.  We sold our house, then our practice, spent seven months on the road, and another seven living in New Hampshire knowing it wasn’t exactly where we wanted to put down roots, but an opportunity to test the waters of New England living with an eye on Vermont as our new home.  Yet we found that the waters do indeed freeze in the winter.  So we allowed our hearts to lead us to a new city, opening a new business beyond the scope of where we’ve been before.  Needless to say, uncertainty has been our daily companion.

Based on my experiences, I would emphasize the most important part of Tony’s statement is: “you can comfortably live with.”  However, that phrase contains a bit of a conundrum.  If you never stretch your boundaries of what is comfortable, you consequently never reach the next level of increase in the quality of your life.  Said differently, uncertainty and comfort are at odds with each other.  They are two opposing forces at the ends of the ‘quality of life’ spectrum.  This ultimately, ideally, leads one to a mastery of the paradox of comfort and uncertainty.

If increasing comfort does NOT get you any closer to consistently increasing the quality of your life, then the question to ask is: “How can I consistently increase the amount of uncertainty that I can comfortably live with?”  The answer is, as best as I know, simple yet requires a consistent practice of increased awareness focused on: Trust.  The reality is none of us KNOW what the next moment holds as it unfolds.  The only constant in life is change, and every emerging moment brings a multitude of possibilities.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.”

- Albert Einstein

Sure it may be no great feat to agree with a genius, but I happen to agree with Albert on this one.  Either life is conspiring towards greater goodness and growth, or we are living in a chaotic, unconscious mess, with no caring, no meaning, no purpose…oh I could go on, but that version of ‘reality’ has long since lost its allure of even a microgram of truth within me.  But you do have a choice as to which version of reality you want to support.  So yes, this means even the really uncomfortable to seemingly awful things that ‘happen’ to people are miracles.  However, what makes them miracles is being open enough to receive them as such.

So here’s the practice.  Here’s where that wondrous gift of Free Will comes into play.  You consciously choose to slowly or quickly (whatever pace you like) move into more and more uncertainty and KNOW (trust) the Universe will support your next step – even when there is no visible next step (there’s that Trust again!!).  So when you take the next step and fall flat on your ass (that could have been your face, or vice versa) – that’s a miracle too.  The question is: “Can you remain open enough, available enough to receive ALL the events of you life as such?”  Trust.  This takes a very flexible nerve system.

The quickest and easiest way I know – and I have dedicated my life’s energy towards this – is to consistently upgrade the processing system of your body: your brain and nerve system.  Trust, like love, inner peace and many other oldies but goodies, are readily available.  However, to experience these states on a regular basis requires a neurological operating system that is wired to the highest part of the brain, the crowning glory of our neurology that is the bridge to our humanity – the prefrontal cortex.

If your body and nerve system are consistently in a state of defense, as are many people’s in our current culture, then trust is merely a concept.  However, there is another way.  I have been blessed to witness trust blossom in hundreds upon thousands of lives, including my own, over the past decade providing and receiving Network Care.  I trust your time to trust more is NOW.  I am excited to assist you in growing greater levels of trusting your body, yourself, your relationships, and life.

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Joyce Falkowski
February 4th, 2016 on 5:57 pm

Brian in your office in Seattle several years ago you gave me one of the most memorable entrainments I have ever had in 20+ years of care! I wish I were closer to where you are. I’m looking forward to my next gate and being on your table.
keep holding your beautiful place of light and freedom
in gratitude