Give me the Lights, Precious Lights

While all those bikers had their thing going on in France, for me this past month has been an amazing Tour de Force for providing Network Care!  It started mid-July with a half day workshop that Jenny and I created and facilitated - Awaken to Action - hosted by the dynamic duo Dr. Aimee and Ian Davis at In Touch Wellness in Rockland, Maine.  We had a wide range of participants from relative Network Care ...Read more


"Network Care is helping me remember who I am. It's allowing me to peel away the layers that I no longer need and be who I came here to be."

Shannon S. – Seattle, WA
Locally Sourced Goodness

One of the qualities of Asheville that so clearly captured our hearts is the abundant availability of local, organic produce; humanely-raised meats; and creative, artisan foods.  The multitude of farmer’s and tailgate markets and restaurants that locally source their ingredients is totally inspiring.  It is so easy to eat well here, and we value eating well as vitally important to the quality of our life.

So it was fortuitous that the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) Family Farm Tour was one of the first activities to get us out into the community.  We signed up as volunteers which meant that one of the weekend days we helped meet and greet and promote ASAP at a local farm and the other day we got to take the tour for free.  I am certainly biased by my experience, so let me be upfront about that; however, I firmly believe we were blessed to be assigned to one of the best farms on the tour.

Gladheart Farms is actually within city limits, just off I-240 taking exit 8 coming from downtown.  They have the cutest farmstand at the end of Lora Lane that is open on Fridays, selling their gorgeous organic produce and delicious breads and baked goods.  When we arrived for our volunteer duty, we were greeted with the most refreshing Iced Yerba Mate flavored with peach juice.  (In another one of those winks from the Universe, we found out that our tea supplier, Rishi, is actually developing a relationship to source their Yerba Mate from these folks.  Talk about full circle!)  The families that live on and operate Gladheart Farms could not be more welcoming nor more committed to the respectful use of the land, going so far as producing their own biodiesel that powers their tractors and vehicles.  We could not have made a more perfect connection for being assured that the fresh juices at Nourish & Flourish will be made from the highest quality, organic, and local (as available) produce.

By the way, the juicing has begun!  More on that in an upcoming post.  Leave us a comment with your favorite fruit and/or veggie combination, and perhaps you will find it on our menu.