May My Life Be My Prayer

This past weekend was quite an auspicious one as the last time my birthday fell on a Saturday prior to Labor Day was in 2004 – the first time I was invited to be on the Wise World Seminars staff as one of the entraining chiropractors.  I’ll never forget Donny Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, calling me at home and asking me how I would feel about working on my Birthday.  I jumped up ...Read more


"I find Network Care to be infinitely valuable as a tool to help me locate and dissipate areas of tension in my body. As I move into these areas, and invite breath, I open to greater levels of awareness, not only in my body, but also my mind and spirit.  As a result, I am evolving exponentially.  Thank you."

Dana P. – Seattle, WA
Give me the Lights, Precious Lights

While all those bikers had their thing going on in France, for me this past month has been an amazing Tour de Force for providing Network Care!  It started mid-July with a half day workshop that Jenny and I created and facilitated - Awaken to Action – hosted by the dynamic duo Dr. Aimee and Ian Davis at In Touch Wellness in Rockland, Maine.  We had a wide range of participants from relative Network Care newbies to long-time veterans.  My thought in creating ATA was, “I wonder how we could create an event that focused on people experiencing an Awaken state with the desire to take action.”  What happened was nothing short of miraculous.  With just two Network sessions, two SRI sessions, a Nia class and a few exercises, the feedback from the participants was brilliant.  One woman said that she felt like “she was finally at home in her body!”  Another person said “I am grateful beyond words…”  The lights shone brightly that night.

Our next stop was the practice of Dr. Rich Gorsuch in Keene, New Hampshire where we assisted in a day-long retreat.  Jenny led the group in Nia and WOW’d everyone with her incredible ability to teach and BE the Joy of Movement.  It is always such a kick to see people who might otherwise feel weird or intimidated by the thought of dancing look so vibrant, free, and alive shaking their groove things.  Again the transformations in people abounded.  You can literally see the light shining in people’s faces.  The contrast from the beginning of the program to the end was stunning.

After driving back home to Asheville, it was three days of rest and then back on the road!  A couple days to take and PASS my NC State Boards – YES!  Then flying back up to New Hampshire to cover for Dr. Deb Ayer at Wellspring for a week and then off to Seattle to cover for Dr. Shima Silber at Way of Life Wellness for two weeks.  Jenny joined me for a Seattle reunion tour of friends and food, this being our first time back since our departure 1 1/2 years ago.  All of this culminated into serving hundreds of different shining lights from over three states in four weeks.

Give me the lights, precious lights

Give me lights

Give me my hope,

give me my energy

You can turn the wrong into right

Precious lights

illuminate me, carry me away

Carry me, carry me

- Lights, Styx: Cornerstone (1979)

When I was about twelve years old, I remember one song that I LOVED – “Lights” by Styx.  I know – cheesy.  In fact, probably super cheesy.  But I’m ok with that cheesy, sentimentality and here’s why.  What I knew then in my pre-testosterone induced state was my complete love of music and my almost absolute neglect of knowing the lyrics of songs (a crime I am still guilty to this day – what can I say…I’m a drummer!) Yet I KNEW most of the lyrics to THAT song.  They moved me.  My emotions, my Soul…  Yes, cheesy, but true then and true now.

I see those lights in people who are in Network care – those precious lights.  And I am so grateful to witness it around the country in this past month.  Even more grateful am I to be blessed to be in Asheville with Jenny launching Nourish & Flourish.  We’ll see you soon…

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August 18th, 2010 on 5:09 pm

I had that album on cassette tape!

August 20th, 2010 on 1:56 am

The office has been a different place since the Awaken to Action workshop…much more in line with our dreams. Thanks for showing up for us in a big way and encouraging us to show up for ourselves a little more.
Much love!
Aimee, Ian & Practice members at InTouch