It’s so RAD! (pt. 1)

I was about to start this post with the phrase, "When we first arrived in Asheville..."  Then I realized I have begun at least one other post with that phrase.  But isn't that the truth about getting to know a new area?  We arrive with all these ideas about how things are, and then we gradually become familiar in the way that only time spent sinking into a place can provide.  Looking back, it makes sense that it took so ...Read more


"It's amazing, wonderful, I wish everyone could experience this care.  I feel like a different person - I stand up sometimes expecting to feel pain and it's just not there.  I still have moments of frustration with life, but I get over things much faster, I have more self-confidence, especially with my life choices."

Faye B. – Seattle, WA
Get your Nia on!

It’s pretty common these days to see or hear some variation on the idea that ‘life is about the journey and not the destination.’  And I agree.  I like to think that my feminine nature is totally on board with going with the flow, appreciating the present moment, stopping to smell the roses.  Yet this morning, as I sit and sip my Earl Grey and count off in my mind the number of threads that are hanging out there in the cool summer breeze that need to be pulled in and woven together to create the tapestry of our business, I am feeling some masculine energy about just getting some things d-o-n-e  DONE!

Which is why I am so thankful I have made a commitment to drive down today to the afternoon Nia class of Denise Medved, a Nia black-belt trainer based in Hendersonville, NC.  I could put on some music or even a dvd and do some Nia at home, but for me it is such a richer, deeper, more joyful experience to be with Nia in community,  And one of the things I absolutely LOVE about Nia is that it lets all the different parts of me come out and play.  The parts that like to flow like water in the fluid of rhythmic movement.  And the parts that like to focus on a single point with a kick or a punch or simply grounded with my feet in a powerful stance.

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Kara McKay
August 26th, 2010 on 5:23 am

Yay! It worked I got to your site and blog! I love it!

You are so savvy and smooth. aaahhh being here Is like a tall cool glass of water!
How was class?