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"I have noticed a strong desire within me to 'clean house', to take action on commitments, to be more decisive in daily actions, and to create more simplicity in my life and become more clear in knowing what I seek in life."

Guy P. – Seattle, WA
Stepping into the world of tea

This is a strange opening for a post about tea, but I have been a coffee girl my whole life.  I actually remember the first time I tasted coffee.  Both my sister and brother are older than me and I’m not sure who it was, but one of them handed their gullible little sister a glass of cold, dark brown liquid from the fridge and told me to drink it under the guise of it being soda.  I can’t say I liked that first taste very much, but it wasn’t much longer (in the grand timeline of a lifetime) that I was embracing the pseudo-bohemian culture of the bookstore coffeehouse scene, sipping cappuccinos and reading William Faulkner at the ripe age of sixteen and convincing myself that I possessed an intellect far beyond my years.  At that time, I lived my life entirely in my head; my body was along for the ride.

Aside from a brief stint at an amusement park, all my first jobs were at cafes.  Brian and I actually worked together at the same cafe for the blink of an eye ten years before we met for keeps (a great story for another time).  Moving to Seattle in my late 20′s only increased my passion for the bean.  So it has been a wonderful journey of discovery to open myself to the world of tea.  I quickly focused in on Rishi Tea to be our supplier based on their commitment to quality, sustainability, and fair trade.  It has been a delight to wake up for many weeks now with taste tests to determine which green teas, which black teas, which botanicals and others we want to feature at Nourish & Flourish.  When I think of my current relationship with tea, it reminds me of the old adage that says the more you know, the more you realize about how much you don’t know.  But one thing I do know for certain is my commitment to live in my body and follow what feels good.  An occasional espresso is a treat, but regularly drinking tea feels good, and it’s only getting better.

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August 13th, 2010 on 8:39 pm

I Love you – my wife – for so many reasons…that you put a wikipedia link of William Faulkner to “The Sound and the Fury” is just one small example. I will read that book before I die…for now I refer to your link and read with a BIG smile from ear to shining ear.

You know who,



August 20th, 2010 on 1:52 am

you two are so cute and such an inspiration…keep up the good work!

Gigi Petersen
August 16th, 2011 on 2:58 pm

Yesterday… like the song… gives me hope and a connection with Dr. Brian & Jenny who I had the pleasure to meet for the 1st time. Their hearts were as beautiful and open as the work they do and love. I am looking forward to Nia and Network being a big part of my life.

I sit here drinking Bentley’s Blueberry tea with local sourwood honey while reading your blog on tea. Funny, but this past week I have found my pleasure in my morning coffee lessening and thinking about going back to enjoying more tea.

So thank you for inspiring me to do so.